Monday, January 18, 2010

San Juan Islands/Jones Island/Washington State Park

Commodore Jacob Jones also had two U.S. Navy Destroyers and an escort ship named in his honor.

Jones Island

S/V True Blue closing in on Jones Island

Layout of the island and moorage rules
Jones Island has 188 acres with 25,000 ft of shore. There are 7 mooring balls and a long dock for extra moorage in the summer. Although this year, with the construction, they left the dock in. Apparently they are getting a new dock that will have a special lift on it for wheelchair access.

64 ft dock in the North Cove; moorage on both sides

North Cove, 5 mooring balls

South Cove, 2 mooring balls
There is a marked reef at the northeast entrance to North Cove and several unmarked, but charted rocks along the southeastern shore. Just make sure to consult your chart.

This island is one of our favorites for a variety of reasons. It has easy walking paths, is close in proximity to our marina, and is clean, and beautiful.

Walking path from North Cove to South Cove

Look closely to see a tree growing out of the fallen tree.
South Cove picnic area
South Cove looking south west

Remember if you are going to be visiting the islands more than say ten nights for the year you might want to consider buying a permit. Mooring balls are $10.00 a night and dock moorage is $17.00.

A yearly moorage permit is only $3.50 a ft with a $50.00 minimum. For our 34 ft boat the yearly permit cost $119.00. The only stipulation is you can only moor 3 consecutive nights at a facility but there are tons of parks to choose from, and rarely do you want to stay in one place for more than 3 nights.
Jones Island is only a 1/2 hour away from Deer Harbor Marina. There are campsites (24+), and firepits (word is you have to haul in your own wood from now on) plus all sorts of amenities that they are building. Such as cabanas, rustic shelters, and wheelchair accessible toilets..
Instead of myself trying to describe the new facilities the following is a picture story!
Wheelchair access to bathroom

Cabana near North Cove

Pump house near North Cove

One of the Rustic Shelters near South Cove
Inside the shelter: two sets of bunk beds

South Cove amenities

That's Sail La Vie on Jones!