Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday Harbor Lights

True Blue Christmas

This was the first morning I walked outside and it was calm and comparatively warm. So when Mitch suggested we go to the Friday Harbor Boat Parade I was interested.

At first I thought we would just hop on the ferry and watch it ourselves. I had forgotten that it would take less than two hours to get over there on our boat. And with the weather being nice, I decided that it sounded like fun.

The marina at Friday Harbor was offering free moorage to any boats that participated in the Boat parade, cool! We arrived around 1:30 and enjoyed our sack lunches along with a rather icy beer in our salon.

We walked around downtown and checked in at the place we were intending to eat dinner at to see what time they stopped serving food.

Around 4:30 or so we saw the first lighted boat head out of the marina. We all gathered down at the south end of the bay. The other lighted boats all had guests aboard. Most of the people were outside so you could hear them laughing and having a fun time. I was stationed on the bow of our boat as a look out and enjoyed taking pictures in the dark with my camera.

We all looked like a floating ballet with our boats gradually pirohuetting and gliding gracefully through the water around each other. We had our own little party going on down there.

At about 5:30 two boats came to get us, one a police boat with blue and white lights shining and the other, possibly a fireboat with their red and white lights shining. They escorted us up the bay to the viewing docks. We cut right in front of the docked ferry boat and all took our turns strutting down the water isle as the crowds cheered us on and we all wished each other a "Merry Christmas". I was waving from the bow and having a lot of fun.

We definitely want to do this again. We'll keep our eye out for some more decor for next year's showing.

Merry Christmas!!