Sunday, August 17, 2008

End of Seasons August 2008

July 4th

There are two seasons ending soon: the time we have with our daughter, Michelle before leaving for her second deployment to Iraq, and warm weather sailing.

Michelle is 23 years old and in her 6th year of service in the Army National Guard. She was recently promoted to Sargeant, E5. Her MOS is actually a Light Wheel Mechanic but she transfered to Bravo Company, unit 181 which is a part of the 81st Brigade, and she is now Bravo Leader on a gun truck. Apparently they didn't need any more mechanics and decided to train her Company to conduct convoy and base security at eight unspecified locations across Iraq.

Michelle use to string safety pins together for a necklace:times have changed

We are headed to her Send Off on Tuesday, August 19th in Yakima where our son, Daniel and Michelle's close friend, Lisa will meet us. She will be leaving for training in Wisconsin at Fort Mc Coy soon afterward.

We had a blast last weekend together. There was an underlying sadness since we knew we'd have to part soon but we tried to ignore it. We had a myriad of appointments to keep: hair, nail, eye, dr., make-up...=) and lots of shopping to occupy us.

I was so glad that Michelle had me make an eye exam appointment. We went to America's Best Contact and eye glasses. For only $69.95 you get an eye exam and two pairs of glasses. I was picking out two pairs of the glasses included in the deal but Michelle and her keen eye for style, picked out one of the pairs and treated me to the difference. (I'm just too cheap! =) Reminds me of when we had the kids to the boat last month and Daniel said, "Mom, just get the brand you like and don't worry about the price..I'll buy it." And to my amazement at the check out stand, he pulled out his debit card and paid for the whole cart of groceries! Wow! Both of our children are very kind and generous...What a blessing!

Saturday night we ate at her favorite little restaurant in Spokane, Mizuna. We chose to be seated outside on their "old world style" bricked patio under charming little lights strung overhead. Atmosphere is everything!! We ordered one of their delectable salads which include a warm loaf of french bread and a plate of herbed olive oil for dipping.

In the morning we walked to our other favorite place...Starbucks!! Have you tried their new Mango Banana Orange and Chocolate Banana protein drinks? They're amazing!!
Okay...back to sailing. We will leave for the boat after seeing Michelle and spend a week in the San Juans. Mitch will be starting a new excavation job with American Bay Construction when we return.
I'll have time to write some more of our adventures and get them posted soon!!