Sunday, November 1, 2009

God's Timing

Our sailing vacation was during Memorial week in May. We spent it at Sucia Island. I plan to devote a post to Sucia Island but right now I want to update you on our home and employment situation.

I didn't get any time of in June or July but Mitch ended up moving over to Orcas Island the end of June. He did come home for his birthday party in late July. His new boss sent him home with money to take his wife out to dinner and fresh crab in a cooler.

He had applied at two different marinas in the San Juan area. He was interviewed for both. He was a close runner up for the first one and for the second one they just weren't sure if they could give him enough hours.

We were intitially disappointed but I knew we had to trust God because he owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Everything is His to give, so we had to trust he had something better for us.

Within a week of not getting the second job Mitch got a phone call from a man that said he had received his application from the marina and that Mitch sounded perfect for what he was looking for.

It just so happened we had met his son, Eric, who works at the marina the year before when he had stopped to admire our little dog. We remembered seeing his family's yacht getting fuel while we were chatting. It was a beautiful 80 ft yacht named Gladiator.

So right away Mitch knew who he was and was pretty excited to have this job opportunity. They set up an interview and the rest is history.

Mitch now works year round for him maintaining his home, yacht and whatever else may need attention. They also trusted him with caretaking everything while they winter in Arizona.

I finally was able to meet them the last week in August. They are so nice. They invited us for dinner and gave me a tour of the home and yacht. Then a few days later they invited me out on the yacht for lunch at Friday Harbor. Wow!! It was so sweet of them to include me as one of their guests. We are so blessed!!

So now our sailboat is moored in the Deer Harbor Marina, which is only a couple miles away from their home.

Mitch is staying in their home and I decided it is time to try to join him, after all it gets lonely in a big house. =)

I decided to inquire about a banking job on the island by email. No jobs were posted but I thought it might be worth a try. I didn't hear back after 4 days so I decided that I needed to pray more and thought about the verse that says, "Ask and it will be given unto you, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and the door will be opened unto you." Matthew 7:7 So I specifically prayed for a job at Islanders Bank.

Guess what?! The next day I got a phone message from the V.P. over at the bank asking me to send them an application.

I felt right then that God had been waiting all the time to give me the job. I had a picture of being in an invisible room and that there was a door that God wanted to open but I had to ask specifically. Of course, I'm not trying to say that everything you or "I" ask for we will receive. But I think there are a lot of things that God wants to give us that are just waiting outside the door.

It did bother Mitch a little that I kept talking like I already had the job but I really felt that way.

Mitch drove me to my interview and told me to just be myself, that everyone likes me. Aww... how nice. =)

The interview couldn't have gone any better. They called me within an hour and offered me the job. Thank you, God!!

I gave notice at Mountain West Bank on Friday, Oct. 30th and they were all happy for me that I would be joining my husband.

I only have 4 days of work since the second week in November I wasn't scheduled to work! Wow! It doesn't get any better than that!!!

So the plan is we live in the house in the winter and live on our boat in the summer. Sounds good to me. In the summer we can go after work and sail around. And on Friday evenings we can head out for the weekend. Yea!!!

God is good!!!!